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Tucked in between mountains and sea, the town of Amalfi, “Heart and Soul of the Amalfi Coast”, offers a unique scene where historic memory intertwines with unforgettable natural beauty. Amalfi today hosts a large number of guests coming from all over the world, but there was a time when the town, being a powerful Maritime Republic had its moment of maximum splendor between the 10th and 12th Century. In memory of its ancient power, every four years, in June, Amalfi holds the Historic Regata of the Marine Republics. Amalfi‘s Historic Center is characterized by the famous Cathedral of Saint Andrew (9th. Century). To admire the façade of the church illuminated by mosaics, the Bronze Doors at the entrance cast in Constantinople in 1060, the Campanile decorated with colored majolica. Traces of the middle age are to be found in the elegant Paradise Cloister and the Crucifiction Chapel that leads to St. Andrew’s Crypt dating back to the 1200’s. The complex is one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture of the Amalfi Coast. Not far from the Central Square, the Antichi Arsenali, where famous Galleys were constructed and destined to commerce with the Orient and the statue of Flavio Gioia considered the inventor of the sea compass for navigation. Heading inland in Amalfi, to visit the Valle dei Mulini, famous for its traditional production of the handmade paper and Paper Museum.

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