Amalfi Coast Destination Private Tours & Transfers : Atrani

Atrani is a small seaside resort, with its unique square kilometers of extension, is one of the smallest communities in Europe. The town retains a typical medieval style in its narrow winding streets, sometimes narrow, often ridden by arches and vaults, wrapped in white blanket of lime. Located between the sea and high cliffs and deep narrow cliffs at the mouth of the narrow Dragon Valley between the slopes of Mount Civita and Mount Aureo that separates it from Amalfi, Atrani is the coastal town that has best preserved its ancient topographical features and offers the visitor a fantastic view with its wonderful beach. The beauty of Atrani, made up of alleys, arches, courtyards, squares and characteristic “Stairs”, lies in a choreography naturally offered around by the beach and the coloured houses, built on one another, which makes it look like a crib, especially at night when the lights are on. Do not miss visiting the Church of San Salvatore de Birecto and Santa Maria Maddalena.

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