Amalfi Coast Destination Private Tours & Transfers : Minori

Located not far away from Amalfi it is a charming town full of priceless treasures of history, art, archeology, nature and gastronomy. Surrounded by magnificent terraced lemon groves, a dense Mediterranean vegetation and washed by the sea, which contains the memory of its ancient fishermen, the town stretches around the river Rheginna Minor. The tourist offer of Minori is rich and varied and has its heritage in a Roman Maritime Villa, dating back to the first century after Christ, and the majestic Basilica dedicated to the patron saint, Santa Trofimena. Built to replace the old cathedral and facing the sea, has a Baroque facade and a planimetric Latin cross development . Not to be missed an event that takes place during the first half of September, when, for an entire week, the city dresses up hosting a special event called “Gusta Minori,” a triumph and a rediscovery of ancient flavors offered to locals and tourists around the magic setting of the historic streets. Minori presents itself in all its beauty, surrounded by green terraced lemon groves that slope gently towards the sea. These lemon combines all the sun and the generosity of this land. They are known worldwide for their preciousness and are used both to distil the famous “limoncello”, and in the creation of sweets. The handicraft is certainly one of the added values of the area: the production of ceramic ,vases and the chestnut baskets used to carry large lemons of Amalfi. Thanks to its natural beauty, Minori continues to seduce and conquer. A Magical Corner of the Amalfi Coast.

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