The mention of Fiords always brings to mind Scandinavia and the awe-inspiring bays along the coast. But similar examples of erosion, where the earth in the course of centuries has been scooped out by the never-ceasing action of the water, can be found in Italy as well. One of these is on the Amalfi Coast, where, as elsewhere on this delightful peninsula, nature appears at her wildest, contrasting with the charming villages and the balmy inviting sea. The Fiord of Furore is about 14 km. from Positano, near Marina Di Praia, and the the main road crosses it on a high viaduct. The ravine was formed by a torrent which no longer has much water and which ran down from the uplands of Agerola. The surrounding countryside is characterized by the vineyards which produce the typical local wine, known as ” Gran Furore Divina Costiera”

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