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  • Excursion level: moderate
  • Approximate lenght: 7 Km
  • Time Distance: 3h/30 minutes
  • Overall elevation Change: About 200 m
  • Seasons recommended:Spring/Summer/Autumn
  • Path entrance: Bomerano ( Agerola)

Description:Breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coastline, Li Galli Islets, Capri with its Faraglioni Rocks as well as Mediterranean Vegetation and vineyards, have given this path the name , Path of the Gods, Sentiero degli Dei.

Directions: From Bomerano proceeding across the mountainside at the feet of Sant Angelo a Tre Pizzi Mountain you will reach Nocelle and the village of Montepertuso while being surrounded by a magical atmospehere, Mediterranean plants, Vineyards, caves and admiring an outstanding overview of Praiano, Positano, Li Galii Islets and Capri. Upon arrival to the villages, if you wish, you can choose to continue through a long staircase that will lead you directly to Positano.


  • Excursion on easy path along the bank of a creek and stairs
  • Time distance: 2h Valley of the mills + 1h Ziro’s tower
  • Approximately length: 5 km
  • Overall difference in height: 300 m
  • Seasons recommended: spring / summer / autumn

Description: Ruins of the Old Paper factories, rare vegetable species (Woodvardia radicans fern), Mediterranean bush, spring and waterfalls, the Ziro’ s tower, free-climbing site.

Connections : Pontone (Ravello) or Amalfi

Through ancient stairs and paths, amid lemon trees and citrus plantations, you reach the Valley of the mills: an unpolluted woody area full of springs and waterfalls amid high cliff with an unchanged micro-climate which is the condition to preserve surviving vegetable species as the rare tree-fern Woodwardia radicans. In the deep and winding valley you can see several examples of archaeological industry, the remains of an old aqueduct, the ruins of an old ironworks and the ruins of several paper factories that since the 12th century made the Amalfi’s hand made paper very famous at the Royal Courts and the religious institutions. Before the walk to the Valley of the mills, the excursion can start with an easy and short walk to the Ziro’s tower where Johanna of Aragon was shut in by her very jealous husband: a splendid view over the bay of Atrani and Amalfi admired from the tower.


Piazzetta of Capri, Grotta di Matermania, Pizzolungo, Tragara, via Krupp

  • Excursion on easy stone-flagged path
  • Time distance: 3h
  • Approximately length: 5 km
  • Overall difference in height: 320 m
  • Seasons recommended: spring / summer / autumn

Description : Natural Arch, Matromania Cave and outstanding views on Malaparte’s Villa, Faraglioni Rocks, Via Krupp, Marina Piccola.

Connection: Piazzetta (Umberto I square)

Of all Capri’s panoramic walks, the Pizzolungo is, arguably, the most breathtaking of all.

The footpath, which hugs the southern coast of the island, offers a succession of quite amazing views of the sea, the Sorrentine Peninsula and the of Faraglioni rocks plunged into the perfumes and the sounds of the surrounding nature and the sea in near to total solitude.

Very interesting spots in this area are the Natural Arch, a magnificent rock formation of the paleolithic era and the Matermania Grotto, an impressive natural cavern trasformed during Roman times into a luxurious Nymphaeum. The most famous of the villas along the Pizzolungo route is, without doubt, was built for the writer Curzio Malaparte. The Pizzolungo walk concludes at the Tragara viewpoint overlooking the Faraglioni rocks and Marina Piccola reachable through the unique Via Krupp.


  • Excursion on stone-flagged path, mule-track, stairs
  • Time distance: 3h
  • Approximately length: 7 km
  • Overall difference in height: 200 m
  • Seasons recommended: spring / summer / autumn

Description: Archaeological industry site, cave of Nogliewith its striking stalagmites, the ancient Montalto’s watching tower (XVI century), Peregrine Hawk.

Connection: Nerano (Massa Lubrense)

The walk towards the Jeranto’s bay has a particular taste. Plunged in the Mediterranean bush, you go through a paradise corner between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno. An environment that UNESCO has included among human heritage. A real terrace on the gulf, rich in vegetation and fruit trees, with you can enjoy a splendid view (Cantone Bay, Capri, Li Galli and Vetara islets) and where the shadow and a pleasant air will bring us to past ages, when life was made of simple and genuine things. The qualities of this area were recognized and appreciated since ancient times. In that age, peasants began a long and industrious work to pull up to the mountain stripes of land, in order to cultivate olive, lemon trees, grapevine, walnut and fruit trees, whose products, especially olive oil, wine, and “limoncello“, nowadays are famous all over the world.


A path suspended between Ocean, Earth and Sky

  • Excursion on mule-track
  • Time distance: 6h
  • Approximately length: 9 km
  • Overall difference in height: 350 m
  • Seasons recommended: spring / summer / autumn

Description: Benedictine Abbey, Old Chapel, view of the Amalfi Coast, Sanctuary of Avvocata

Connection: Benedectine Abbey (Cava de’ Tirreni)

Before you begin the hike, visit the Benedictine Abbey rich in works of art from different eras: frescoes, mosaics, sarcophagi, sculptures, paintings, illuminated manuscripts and precious objects.

The trail starts at an altitude of 380 m above sea level, initially through a forest of chestnut, oak and hornbeam, which guarantees coolness even during the hottest months of year. The trail then leaves the woods and with spectacular sea views of the Amalfi Coast.The coastal landscape is harsh and vertical lines and seems to be suspended between sky and sea. The spectacle of the bay surrounded by steep walls of the sea is truly dazzling. The wide open spaces overlooking the sea of ​​this path urge hikers to the contemplation of Infinite.

Going through some mountain passes up to the saddle where you can watch the peaks of the Lattari Mountains. Coming down we get to the Sanctuary of the Avvocata, surrounded by a ring of walls. One path leads to the church into a cave, where you will see an altar bearing the date of the restoration (1890). From the Sanctuary you can go east to reach the Belvedere. The show which can be observed from the mountain is breathtaking: from Punta Licosa to Ravello and Atrani.
The sanctuary is also the destination of a long tradition: the Monday after Pentecost numerous pilgrims and revelers flock, singing and dancing ancient dances and especially singing and feasting in honor of the Virgin with local traditional instruments.

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