From Paestum to Sapri, hundreds of miles of beaches, cliffs overlooking the sea, and secret caves make up the Cilento Coast. The Cilento is fascinating with its towering cliffs, white beaches, the small medieval villages perched on hillsides in bright landscapes and unspoilt nature. The Cilento Coast begins in Paestum and ends in Sapri, offering a wide resort area: for all those looking for great safe beaches, clean sea and particular seaside resorts offering explorations in coves and caves such as those of Castelcivita and Pertosa. We are far from the crowded metropolis, here we find a world where the locals still live following their traditions. All the Cilento is famous for its tasty traditional cuisine, based on many local products prepared according to recipes handed down from mother to daughter. With Agropoli you enter the heart of the Cilento and its seaside fishing villages. Castellabate instead, is a village, untouched and full of charm and comes with alleys, arches and steep steps, framed by a vegetation rich of colors and scents. From the top you can admire the red-tiled roofs of Santa Maria di Castellabate, a fishing center and seaside resort with beautiful beaches and located in the inlet between Punta Tresino and Punta Licosa. The Whole stretch of coastal road is envolved with this kind of charm, offering breathtaking views: from Montecorice, with the beautiful cliffs of the Red Ripe overlooking the sea, arriving to Acciaroli, with its beautiful old town and a wonderful beach. Cilento, as well as Paestum, preserves the Ruins of the Greek City of Velia. The Archaeological Site lies on a promontory that once lapped at the sea, then buried, the most famous monument is la Porta Rosa, a magnificent structure that opens in the old city walls.

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