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Siena San Gimigano and San Donato

Siena, San Gimignano & San Donato.


Siena, where you will be enchanted by the narrow, winding streets, old row houses and palaces, and beautiful, shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, where civic life of Siena is focused and where the Palio delle Contrade, a crazy biannual horse race, is held. And don’t miss the city’s famous cathedral, San Domenico, dedicated to and containing certain remains of Santa Caterina.

San Gimignano

A walled Medieval hilltop town, famous for its architecture and especially its towers. In the Middle Ages, wealthy families competed in the construction of these towers that served as lodging, protection, and status symbol. Of the town’s 76 original towers, only 14 remain, still sufficient to give San Gimignano the nickname “The Manhattan of the 14 Century”. Stroll around the narrow cobbled streets, taking in the sights of the town: Church of St. Agostino (with its Benozzo Gozzoli frescoes) and the Collegiata, the main church in the heart of town.

San Donato

San Donato was a 4 C bishop of Arezzo, martyred and later a popular saint. The earliest written records that refer to San Donato in Poggio are three parchments dated 985, 986, 988 held in the provincial archives and another dated 989 from the Abbey of Passignano. In mediaeval times, the castle was named San Donato in “Loco Pocie”, “Poce”, or in “Podio” and subsequently San Donato in Poggio.


Full day tour option, 8 hours.
Suggested meeting time at 08.30am in the hotel lobby.
Included: Mercedes Private Vehicle, All fuel, Highway tolls, English speaking driver of the team.
Not included: Lunch & Entrance fees.

For further details, a quote and for your kindest reservation please contact us at anytime.

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