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Cerveteri Bracciano and Ceri

Cerveteri, Bracciano & Ceri.

Rome Shore Excursion RST#1 - Civitavecchia Cruise Port Shore Excursion.


You will arrive in the Etruscan town of Tuscania (which is NOT the Italian translation for Tuscany). A medieval town founded between 3000 and 2000 B.C., Tuscania is well known for its beautiful churches, but most notably for the Etruscan necropolis.
During your time in Tuscania, you will have about one hour to visit the local “Tuscanese” museum, followed by the interesting church of San Pietro for about 30 minutes and then on to Santa Maria deli Angeli, a beautiful church that is half Christian and half Etruscan, where sacred and profane match perfectly.

The town is famous for its volcanic lake and for a particularly well-preserved medieval castle on the lake: Castello Orsini-Odescalchi.
The lake is widely used for sailing and is popular with tourists; the castle has hosted a number of events, especially weddings of actors and singers.

The town as it looks today was founded in 1236, when the inhabitants of its Caere neighbor abandoned the former to be better protected by rock formations
The main attraction is the Romanesque Church of the Madonna di Ceri, which stands on an ancient site where Etruscans and Romans venerated the cult of the goddess Vesta.
In 1980, during a restoration, frescoes from approximately the 12th century, representing some scenes drawn from Old Testament were discovered on a wall of the church building.


Suggested meeting time @07.45am following disembarkation.
Full day Tour Option 8/9 Hours.
Included: Licensed English speaking driver of the team who will show you and offer a complete illustration and a deeper understanding of the different aspects of the area.
Private Vehicle, all fuel, parking, pick up and drop off at the port.
Not included: Lunch & Entrance fees.

For further information you are always more than welcome to contact us at anytime.

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